IQ Optimizer

Terms and Conditions of Service

Important Information

  • IQ Optimizer Software only runs on Windows 10/11 and cannot run on previous verstions of Windows
  • The subscription is for single device only. You have to purchase according to the number of PCs you have.
  • This product is a digital product and cannot be refunded.
  • After purchasing the software and using it the settings will be saved even after the subscription ends
  • Using any tool to alter the Mac Address will get you banned from using the software
  • We are not responsible for downloading the software from unknown sources, make sure you only download it from the official website
  • We are not responsible for any cracked version of the software which can be harmful to your device, for your safety use the official software


in case you format your device you can use software again if your subscription is still ongoing, you'll also get updates for free.

No, the settings will be saved even if the subscription is over but if you format your device you will have to resubscribe.

IQ Optimizer does not operate outside the unsafe hardware operation zones.

IQ Optimizer operates to the maximum allowable safe operation limit

IQ Optimizer is 100% Virus-Free and Protected from Malware.

IQ Optimizer Blocks non-essential apps from consuming the bandwidth.

No the settings are saved and are done the first time.